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The Pars home is a unique icon among housing. In every Pars home you'll not only find the trademark details that we're recognized for but also the hightest creativity and innovation in design and finishing that sets new trends and higher standards. It is these attentions to quality and...

Summer--time to build your Okanagan dreams

The Okanagan season is heating up and we are busy putting the finishing touches on our most recent projects.

This season promises great real estate opportunities with low lot prices for the discerning buyer and we want to be there for the next step.

As a passionate home developer,...

Vancouver building

Vancouver's real estate market is always churning, and outside the central action are outlying chunks of property in a near constant flux with land lots and dream homes exchanging hands at an astonishing rate.  The North Shore and Port Coquitlam, are just a couple of gorgeous coastal points of...

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