Customer Care

Our clients are valued and appreciated above all else. They are part of our foundation and come from a broad spectrum of personalities and wishes. We make no assumption of the involvement our clientele wish to have in the process of building their home. A custom home project is a partnership and...

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The breathtaking finishing in every home clearly cannot happen by chance. What's necessary is professional and skilled workmanship along with communication and involvement.

Pars homes are built to be cohesive throughout, perfect in their theme and function, and finishing a home means...

Choose the Right Builder

You want to build a home that you can enjoy for the years to come.  Perhaps you wish to sell this home in the coming years, perhaps you do not.  Either way, you wish this home to retain its value, and provide you and your own an environment they can be safe and sound within.

Years of...

Building a Home

To start building a home, the first thing you should seek is the lot. Your preference and budget will govern this factor and the Okanagan is rife with fantastic mountain tops with grand panoramas or hidden beach coves tucked away from disturbances.

Finding your suitable lot is not an easy...

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