It is no secret that Metro Vancouver, especially Vancouver city, can be costly. An unfortunate truth but a truth truth, none the less, that many are more than happy to overlook for the chance to live in what has been called the the California of Canada. Temperate winters and warm weather the rest of the year round, filled with wineries and beaches and mountains that have garnered themselves global recognition. A recreation and tourism based culture built around a long and diverse history as well as widely available and lush sections of nature for which Canada is so widely known. Drawing in millions of visitors and thousands of new residence each year; even the many readily available housing opportunities can not help the intense interest in the region that has contributed to the high property prices of some area of Metro Vancouver.

Other factors having contributed to these rising prices include:

Rapid Development of Municipal Infrastructures – With the rapid growth of several of Metro Vancouver's municipalities and the international attention that Metro Vancouver has won in recent years, the government of British Columbia has taken a strong interest in creating modern and complex infrastructures to support the current and rapid rate of growth within this cities as well as establishing a foundation on which these cities can grow and thrive on for many years to come. Examples include new and improved road systems, expansion of the SkyTrain and other transit option for better maneuverability within cities and between them, the construction or improvement on social amenities such as public recreational destinations and parks.

Raised Commercial Profile – Popularity breeds popularity and the right combination of available commercial activities in the right region or not can be the deciding factor in a city becoming popular and thriving or following the often long and slow path of decline. Metro Vancouver has, for some time now, enjoyed popularity and this popularity has brought with it a demand for an increasingly open and active commercial profile. With this raised profile would come the increased import and export of goods, the arrival of new goods and services in the region which were not previously available, and the creation of new jobs within the region.

Larger Tourism Sector – Metro Vancouver sees more inter-provincial and international travel than any other part of Canada, seeing millions of new tourists every year who contribute more to the economy than they take out before returning to their destinations of origin or moving on to other travels. With the improved infrastructure system and broadened and increasingly active commercial sector through which tourist are able to spend their money comes a higher value of property in general. Combined with the influx of immigration that comes with an increased rate of tourism, the market for purchasing a home becomes increasingly competitive, placing the still available homes at a higher premium and thus driving up their price.