As popular as the Greater Vancouver Area is and cost effective as purchasing undeveloped land can be, depending on the needs and circumstances of the potential homeowner, it is sometimes wisest or most economical to transform an existing home into the picture perfect palace for you and yours to spend their time. Even this comes with its challenges however as Metro Vancouver has such a large number of varied homes in even more diversely varied locations. A little bit of foreknowledge of the region and the style of come can save your hours if not possible days of browsing through listings or wandering around the neighborhoods of your chosen city to find the ideal home to make your own.

A key attribute of the Vancouver region and in large part a contributor to its success and popularity is the sheer amount of waterfront. With the ocean fed Straight of Georgia on one side, Fraser River and Burrard Inlet running through the region, and Boundary Bay hugging the beaches that remain as one travels down the coast unto the US; Metro Vancouver still finds itself with plenty of open waterfront property for new homes and developments to be built.

One can not speak thoroughly on the subject of Metro Vancouver homes in any regard if they were to fail to mention the wide diversity of homes. Seeing more international travel and immigration than any other part of the country, the Vancouver region has become home to a great many diverse people and cultures. Over the years this has resulted not just in homes that reflect this diversity of builders but has formed several unique styles which have stemmed from the specific combinations of other styles. One popular example being traditional style homes with modern kitchens and Asian influenced water features incorporated into the landscaping while striving to seem as if the included plants as if they had always been there and simply manicured to match the home. Other examples include but are not limited to very industrial styled homes that incorporate larger traditional pieces and focus on a rural styled kitchen.

While making for often beautiful and unique homes, this mix of elements in the construction basis of a home can prove challenging for purchasing homeowners who wish to make it their own. Often the more cost-effective solution is to adapt the existing elements to one's own style instead of major overhauls to replace them.

One trait of the Metro Vancouver area that is as frequently seen as a drawback as much as it is a benefit are the often close proximity of drastically varying buildings and neighborhoods to each other which can prove daunting to either the buyer of a detached property or a attached property such as a condo. Often concerns of clashing lifestyles or a sense of the disruption of the flow of the neighborhood might put a buyer off a potentially ideal location if they do not take advantage of the insight of a realtor or developer who is more familiar with the area; possibly displacing the dream of that perfect home to a less than ideal location simply for the sake of the appearance of the surrounding homes.