Sometimes called Canada's California, the Greater Vancouver is hardly short on qualities to cause the comparison: from the mild winters to the perfect summers that bring so many to the region every year; the many scenic beaches or the year round skiing; the numerous sports stars or TV and movie celebrities that are born or live in the region. All of this and the sheer diversity of setting that the Vancouver area offers has made it a paradise for high-end home builders seeking that perfect location on which to construct not simply just a high quality and lavish house but a home as beautiful and unique as the many varied locations that the Greater Vancouver holds. Be it rolling hills or towering city-scape on all sides, or nights filled with the moon shining off of a lake in one direction while the city lights shine like a rainbow of stars in the other direction, or simply a location that offers all the comforts of large city living without the close quarters and constant bustle; the Greater Vancouver area is a dream place for a dream home.

Vancouver: If the Greater Vancouver area is Canada's California than it is no wonder that Vancouver is called Hollywood North. Sports stars and actors abound in this world renowned city as they enjoy the perfect and seemingly year round weather. Be it skim-boarding at one of the many beaches, snowboarding at the famous Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort, or indulging one's self in the world class dining of restaurants such as the Araxi which impressed even Gordon Ramsay of Hell's Kitchen fame. There is no shortage of amazing views and equally amazing entertainment to be found in this city; which leaves no wonder as to why luxury home builders flock to each year.

Surrey: The second largest city in the region, Surrey offers all the comfort and commodities of living in a place like Vancouver but with more room to breath. Hailed for both rich historical and cultural identities, Surrey boast colorful and vibrant artistic and musical scenes right along the many heritage sites. Pars Homes owners will never find themselves short on inspiration or art in which to decorate their new luxury home as they wander from the Public Art Walk to the many galleries and artisan shops in the city. Perhaps take the Public Art Walk on the way to one of the many performance venues or festivals in the city. For all their art and history, Surrey still rightfully carries the slogan “The future lives here” as the steady stream of new development opportunities within the city bring the city not just into the present day but into the future.

Burnaby: Canada and indeed the Greater Vancouver Area is known for bringing nature and civilization together and preserving a balance. There is perhaps no place better in Canada that illustrates this than Burnaby. The direct neighbor of Vancouver, some say that you can forget it's not Vancouver until you look around. Still holding the benefits that so many look for in a big city such as Vancouver, and being only a short distance away by car or the popular transit, Burnaby sets itself apart by offering an even greater reach of nature. Though Vancouver is hardly lacking in parks and waterfronts, Burnaby's neighborhoods or so lush and scenic that no matter where you have Pars Homes build your personal castle, stunning views will be offered. Bordered by Fraser River and Boundary Bay, it is not unusual that one has views of the water, mountains, a park and the towering and sparkling towers of Vancouver from their backyard.

Richmond: Host to the 2010 Winter Games, Richmond took to the world stage with all the grace of it's larger neighbor city, Vancouver. Since than it has become an international city with a balance of urban, sub-urban family, and rural areas. Containing a concentration of shopping areas catering to homeowners, Richmond is where from other cities come looking for furniture, appliances, and home accessories. Having a Pars Home in Richmond not only means a home that sets the gold standard but sets the trend as owners have close access to the latest and greatest for their interiors. As a city, one need not even leave Richmond to experience the world; from the cities diverse shopping centers and ethnic foods, to the many parks of specific and varied style, to the fishing village and whale watching, to themed experiences that offering the world and beyond. Of course for those who wish to actually travel, the city is placed 20 minutes from Downtown Vancouver and 25 minutes from the US border.

Coquitlam: Perhaps BC's best kept secret. Hailed the cultural capital of Canada in 2009 and hosting over 100 festivals and events each year, Coquitlam has become a popular destination for home builders who wish to enjoy all that life has to offer. Home to many nature trails and outdoor adventure opportunities, over 230 restaurants, and a wide range of many other activities and attractions; one can enjoy the call of nature, indulge in their love of sporting events, take in art exhibition or theater production, learn of one of the many cultures that have come to Coquitlam over the years, walk through history by visiting any of the many heritage sites, get that special something for themselves or another at one of the special artisan shops and then finish their day off with dining that demonstrates the global reputation that British Columbia has earned for its cuisine.

New Westminster: Canada’s oldest city and was BC’s first capital, this historic city only adds to the reputation of the Greater Vancouver Area as Canada's California. Home to NHL stars, Olympians, astronauts and actors, New Westminster continues to show its mastery of the modern and trendy as it proudly displays its long history. An explorer's dream come true and the heart of the Vancouver Area, one will always find something new and entertaining. The engaging nightlife and the many modern fine dining experiences that sit on the background of century old buildings, New Westminster has something for everyone. Owning a home in 'New West' not only comes with easy access to the three biggest cities in the region and the Fraser River but it also comes with a new level of prestige. A unique and luxurious city that truly suits a custom luxury home and shows to the world that you truly appreciate what life has to offer.

North Vancouver: Discover Vancouver from a whole new perspective. Though less developed, North Vancouver is the older than Vancouver; the mountain range on one side and the wide river on the other forming natural barriers to its earlier development. Today it is a city just as modern as its younger counterpart but with a greater appreciation for its history and for nature. With easy access to Vancouver and offering even finer examples of the combination mountain-waterfront-city views that are so highly prized in Vancouver, North Vancouver is a popular and highly sought region for new home builders who wish to set themselves apart. With golf, outdoor adventures and weekly night festivals that have gotten global attention, North Vancouver has carved its place where the smart and achieved go.