The long established development in some regions the Greater Vancouver area and the large pockets of high density populations, combined with the steady source of new development opportunities throughout the Metro Vancouver have lead to a very high demands for custom homes. A demand that Vancouver city and Surrey provide much of the fresh talent required simply to keep pace. This has resulted in a vastly diverse designer market with an equally ranged set of skill levels and styles to accommodate every level of lifestyle and person wishing to either build a custom home or renovate an existing home.

As always in the designer world of any product however, be it clothing or homes, the number of especially skilled and talented designers is a fairly substantial minority which quickly earn a very high demand of their own. Quite often these designers of swept up very swiftly by the bigger and more reputable design firms.

While there are always exception, it is a well enough established trend that for the best result for designers; be they home, interior or exterior; the age of a company is often an important factor. Well established companies have often formed relationships with the local sources of talent that allow them to quickly hire these new designers so that the wisdom and skill of experience is edged with the newest techniques and technologies. The Pars Homes designers are an example of this meshing of the tried and true and the innovative and new.

Involved from the start of the process with the planning consultation to help the home owner(s) and home builders to decide the very best layout for form, function, and the owners needs and wants; our home designer remains involved throughout the journey to best understand the home owners vision of their dream home and ensure that every detail is richly detailed and lovingly crafted and hopefully beyond expectation.

Armed with an intimate knowledge of the many influences that have formed the Metro Vancouver landscape and the array of leading digital techniques; the Pars Designers are not only capable of swiftly creating concepts and designs but using those same technologies to give rapid and astoundingly detailed previews of room and home designs. With top down or isometric views to demonstrate color and position and full 3D renders to offer digital tours as if actually moving about the room; you can decide every detail before hammer is put to nail, if you wish. With the additional bonus of being able to do it all from a distance if required, for those with a busy and demanding lifestyle that keep them from an in person meeting.

It is this careful cultivation of new talent and then backing it with decades of experience, then encouraging the use of dynamic and rapidly adaptive technology and techniques to meticulous planning that has lead to Pars designs being they icons they are today. A line of award winning custom homes that have that have become the benchmark for designer homes.