While some cities in Metro Vancouver are a greater challenge for construction than others there is no shortage of opportunities for the construction industry in the Greater Vancouver Area. The cost-efficient nature of land in Surrey, Richmond and Burnaby has left developers saying it is actually more cost-effective to build new than it is to buy an existing home than investing in previously developed properties.

This rise in interest in new homes and developments has eased competition between construction companies; prompting realtor associations, eastern construction firms and celebrity handymen alike to advise a closer scrutiny when determining the right builder for your home.

Papers and Portfolios – Whether it is a lack of knowledge on the part of the aspiring homeowner or a lack of due diligence on the part of the contractor, too many home owners discover only after the work is done that the work was not done correctly or with the proper oversight. Unlicensed craftsmen or a lack of the needed permits can wreak havoc not only on your home but your expenses as it can often be much more costly to correct an issue then it would have been to have it done correctly in the first place.

The National Association of Home Builders suggest that, before putting your trust or your money in the hands of any contractor, ask to see both the office's paperwork and examples of their work. Ideally in a show home or open project where possible. While a reputable company will never hesitate to show off its paperwork and a photos of homes they've previously built; there is no substitute to for seeing first hand results in person.

Reevaluate Your Expectations – It is a construction company's job to build things and make money while doing it. A fact that has, in history, lead to instances where the confidence of the builder did not match their capacity or confidence; causing unneeded delays and added expenses in a project if not the need of a second company to called in simply to have the job done if not redone. When deciding upon the construction company you hope to have build your dream home, have a clear idea of what your goals are when meeting them and then reassess your goals after any meaningful interaction with the potential builders.

Ask yourself whether the company has the skills and means to meet your goals. Do they have enough staff? What sort of work schedule can you expect to ensure your home is done on time? Do they use all of their own employees or sub-contract work out to third parties.

Keeping a clear vision of your needs and wants and how they evolve during the process can not only help save a home owner a great deal of trouble down the line but help your final choice in construction company illustrate the needs of your wants.

Communication and Cooperation: Regardless of whatever experience and skill a construction company has, this is your dream home and communication and working with the homeowner is key to realizing your dream home. Before resigning the future of your luxury home over to their care, take the time to get to know the construction companies communication style and whether they are able able to respond quickly to any inquiries you might have and if they are able to do so in a way that works for you. Are they clear and concise? Do they explain things to you in a way you understand and avoid jargon specific to the craft that only other craftsmen are likely to know? Do they ask you any questions during the process of constructing a plan?

A custom luxury home is never a small task to take on and both parties must take an interest in the other for the best result.