Greater Vancouver Area, condos can be found in each city that are just as varied. From the many diverse condos found in the towering and densely populated Vancouver city, to New Westminster with its contrast of heritage buildings and new constructions, to the centrally located Burnaby offers water-city- mountain views to many of its condos. With so many options in city alone there is, perhaps, a perfect condo out there for everyone. The only questions are which city; below are just a few of the many choices.

Vancouver – Vancouver city is especially prized for its condos. Not simply because of the high population density of the city which makes any any condo a premium but because despite this high density the city manages to continually develop and offer extremely high value condos with the help of developers such as Pars Homes. The high number of buildings and neighborhoods of differing styles ensures that no matter what one's taste is there is a condo which be renovated or refinished to transform it into one's private castle within the city.

Whether it is in the hip False Creek waterfront community of Yaletown, filled with sidewalk cafes, trendy restaurants, a thriving nightlife scene and intimate boutique hotels. A condo in the third largest Chinatown in North America after New York and San Francisco. Or the historic neighborhood of Gastown, filled with Victorian era buildings that now house everything from art galleries to top of the line clothing boutiques to fine dinning and popular coffee shops.

Burnaby – The geographic heart of Metro Vancouver, Burnaby is a popular destination for those looking to either rent or buy a condo as you are never far from anywhere in Metro Vancouver while you are in Burnaby. Placing one for ease of access to everything from the world famous Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort, the Araxi which has been praised by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey as the best restaurant in Canada, and the Grouse Mountain Skyride to name a few; Burnaby condos offer adventure unlike any other. One need not leave the city to enjoy this ease of access as Burnaby plays home to many of its own outstanding attractions since as the Metropolis at Metrotown, the second largest shopping center in the country. Or one can explore the many parks and heritage locations that make the city so scenic.

With all of this to sit against, Burnaby condos not only boast their prime location but a simple elegance that contribute to why Burnaby condos are so greatly appreciated and sought after.

Surrey – The city that carries the slogan “The Future Lives Here” and second largest city in the province, Surrey is indeed the place that many home owners fulfill the dreams of their own home by purchasing one of the many stunning condos in the city. Surrey has carved its own identity as a city with a complex identity that demonstrates its focus on the future while maintaining a balance with its history and with nature. With over 600 parks; assorted lakes, rivers and ocean views; Vancouver in the distance in one direction and mountains in the distance to the other; to look out from a Surrey condo is to be as inspired as it is to live in one. A strong arts and culture environment has set the stage for a truly unique variety of condos that, with the dream of a homeowner and the insight of Pars Homes, a purchased condo can be transformed from unique to one's own private palace within a multiunit building. With so many artistic and natural influences and sources locally available among the forward thinking and developments, there is doubtlessly something for everyone in this beautiful city.

Richmond – Repeatedly ranked as one of the 10 safest cities in live in Canada, host to the 2010 Winter Olympics, 20 minutes from Downtown Vancouver, 25 minutes from the US border; Richmond has been experiencing growth and change with remarkable speed, transforming from a rural, local community to an international city with a balance of urban, sub-urban family, and rural areas.

Depending on the location, you may be able to stroll through gardens, poke around in museums, see theater productions, watch a sporting event, enjoy the famed whale watching, enjoy Asian dining and shopping in the Golden Village district. Richmond's 17 islands in the mouth of the Fraser River are packed with things to do for any local condo owner.

A hot-spot of new development over the years and still existing development opportunities, condo possibilities in Richmond are virtually unmatched anywhere else in regard to value and flexibility. Find your castle in a Richmond condo.