Vancouver's real estate market is always churning, and outside the central action are outlying chunks of property in a near constant flux with land lots and dream homes exchanging hands at an astonishing rate.  The North Shore and Port Coquitlam, are just a couple of gorgeous coastal points of residence that many appreciate and many more are constructing their homes upon every day. We wish to take this opportunity to explain why you'll be at complete ease working with Pars Construction to build your next Vancouver or Vancouver area home.

Newcomers to the city who are seeking a castle aside the hustle and bustle need a developer they can trust to deliver.  To those fresh faces we say look no further than the Pars crews.

As a Kelowna based luxury homes builder, we have established ourselves as a natural choice in the pool of talent and skills for those discerning Okanagan customers who are dreaming of their special project to be.  Throughout our 25 years, we have brought our level of work to the Greater Vancouver Area including Bowen Island and The North Shore letting people feel as so many of our satisfied client base have felt.

Vancouver's massive real estate market tends to afford many "fly by night" operations the opportunity to flourish before disappearing altogether.  Pars Construction has existed for decades in a small market where word of mouth and reputation are the deciding factors.  We are known, and continue to be known for excellence in the development of luxury homes in a tight and competitive market.  We are respected amongst our peers for consistent quality craftsmanship and integrity and our crews uphold this reputation with every completed job.

We are a zero risk opportunity to develop the vision of your luxury home upon the perfect piece of real estate in the Vancouver area.  As much of our network originates in the Vancouver area, we have no issues providing the direction and supply necessary to bring your vision to life.  As a luxury custom homes construction company, we are at home in Vancouver as we are in Kelowna and The Okanagan.

Our support system includes a luxury building supplier for such materials as natural stone tiles and materials, special types of doorways, windows and other features atypical of the average home design.  Our connections include designers who can develop your home from description, and render your home in complete 3D CG before the first of the foundation is poured.  Our realty connections throughout the Vancouver area and Kelowna can help you acquire the perfect plot of real estate territory with minimized fuss.

The most important aspect of what we do is knowing what people are after and understanding what each and every unique customer might want in their custom home, and with as many decades of experience as we have, it's no wonder we have established ourselves with such a reputation in The Okanagan.

If you are in or entering the Vancouver real estate market with the intention of building a luxury custom family home, Pars Construction is a company with a long pedigree made of established success stories.  You can read some of those success stories here.