A Kelowna kitchen takes its design cues from an old-world villa

The natural stone floor in this Kelowna kitchen — travertine with chiseled edges — sets the tone for the design of the custom-built home reminiscent of an old-world European villa.

The tiles, ordered directly from a quarry in Turkey, were custom cut to 18 by 26 inches (45 by 66 centimetres) and laid in a random pattern to underscore the aged-in-place design. The tiles, in ivory and pearl with brown and beige veining, provide a warm foundation for the kitchen.

“I couldn’t take my eyes off the floor once it was installed,” says Hamid Khajavi, vice-president and lead designer for Pars Construction, which built the home. “This is likely the only floor of its kind in Canada with this size, style and finish of travertine tiles.”

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