What makes the Okanagan Condos so different from Okanagan Apartments and other residential properties?

The moment you enter the scenic Okanagan Valley, you will find yourself entangled in the beauty of nature. Tall, standing mountains covered with dense forests are complementing the residential properties existing there. With the passage of time the real estate sector has boomed at such a rapid pace that today you get a property of your choice quite easily here. Though apartments, residential houses have an unmatched elegance, however, the Okanagan Condos have become the first choice for people. They are designed and built with extra focus on interior and exterior finishing. This is what contributes to the attractiveness of the Okanagan Condos. To a property aspirant in the Okanagan Valley, there are two themes of interiors available, Mediterranean and Contemporary. Each kind of interior is accommodated with its corresponding furniture and decoration. Following are the salient features of internal decoration of the Okanagan Condos:

  • Heat Recovery Ventilation
  • Soft pebble shower floor
  • Air conditioning
  • Modern floor tiles
  • Modern conveniences
  • Energy efficient floor heating

Along with the interior, the exterior designing of the Okanagan Condos makes them astonishingly attractive. The craftsmanship of the exterior parts of the Okanagan Condos complements the interior designing and it gets easily harmonized with the surrounding.

  • Custom design Verandas
  • Magnificent stone to beauty the walls
  • Immense private patio furniture
  • Private grass area for playing