Due to the rising real estate growth and demand in the Kelowna region, many people now prefer custom-made designer homes. Many professional services have emerged that provide the best Kelowna designer who designs your dream home using the latest techniques in homebuilding. This Kelowna designer provides original and inspiring designs for your home which are simply fabulous!

Pars Homes own designers are located in the Kelowna region and provide professional design services to home builders and owners. Their in-house Kelowna designer provides customized designs that are of excellent quality using the most modern design techniques that are available today.

Their Kelowna designer combines some of the latest methods like sectional isometric views of the floor plan, virtual modeling techniques to give you awe-inspiring homes in Kelowna. This Kelowna designer also provides project consultation to the customers, virtual tours including presentation of various color schemes with exclusive design consultation services.

Their Kelowna designer has a rich experience and knowledge on virtual designing with virtual representation of homes. Designing Scandinavian log homes and residential homes are the specialized areas for this kelowna designer.

Custom home design

Pars Homes has contacts with incredible Kelowna designers to help you with the planning consultation in the initial stages of home development and design. Thus this Kelowna designer helps you to get the best layout for your house as per your design specifications. Using advanced visualization techniques, this Kelowna designer develops a preliminary plan for your house. This Kelowna designer also provides professional home design services for renovations including virtual building design for European Brick houses.