What are the advantages and disadvantages of the rise of Kelowna Construction Industry?

According to the research and present trends, it is confirmed that the Kelowna Construction Industry rebounded significantly in the past couple of years. This is good news for the realtors, property agents, and construction companies but as far as the people of the Okanagan Valley are concerned, it is not at all good news because it is an indication of a rise in the prices of properties. The resurgence of the Kelowna Construction Industry has brought with itself advantages as well as disadvantages. Let’s discuss them one by one:


Construction of a comprehensive range of properties – With the entrance of new builders, realtors and property agents in the Kelowna Construction Industry, a comprehensive range of properties has been developed. Large number of houses, condos, offices and apartments has come into existence as a result people have huge options of homes to choose from.

Job Opportunities – When an economy of a country grows, the employment opportunities also grow. With the expansion of the Kelowna Construction Industry, job opportunities have significantly improved. Construction companies need designers, engineers, suppliers, managers and executives.


Spoiling the natural beauty – Whenever something new comes into existence it has two aspects - positive and negative. The region of Kelowna attracts people owing to its natural beauty but since the construction industry has rebounded, new properties are being constructing which spoil the scenic elegance of the region.

Escalation of property prices - In the last decades the region of Kelowna has undergone exceptional infrastructure development. With this arises the Kelowna Construction Industry, as a result people interested in buying homes here are able to get what they want; however, for this they have to pay extra.