Kelowna, British Columbia is a developed city situated in the heart of the Okanagan Valley, nestled against Okanagan Lake.

A tourist trap during the summer and a winter get away during the 'off-season', Kelowna never slows down.  Some joke that we grow new cars each Spring, but the truth is that year after year, more and more people world wide are moving to the valley to experience clean water, fresh air, great people and seemingly never ending perfect weather.

A fitting environment within which we build our homes.

Kelowna is known for wines, outdoor activities galore (golf specifically), the lake and the surrounding valley and a range of city wide events that draw thousands from all over.

On top of all this, sit the ski mountains, of which there are several major resorts each offering a safe family experience or an adventure for the brave souls who crave it!

Investment Opportunities

Real estate always goes up, and Kelowna's inner worth is constantly increasing.

Add to this the expansion occurring at each edge of the city and it becomes plainly obvious that Kelowna will be doing great for many decades to come.