The Okanagan season is heating up and we are busy putting the finishing touches on our most recent projects.

This season promises great real estate opportunities with low lot prices for the discerning buyer and we want to be there for the next step.

As a passionate home developer, Pars has delivered quality construction throughout the Okanagan for thirty odd years!

When we are approached by a customer, we know they have expectations.  We are a luxury home builder, and they want a custom home.

They may have a budget, they may consider cost negligible, but they have a dream in mind that we are going to make a reality.

When we sit down to create your home we have a long list of variables to take care of.

We start with your lot, deciding the arrangement of your home upon the land and work through the bylaws to ensure you are within guidelines.

If you do not have a lot, then we may have something you're after as we hold close ties to the valleys premiere realtors and can organize a few possibilities within your budget, in short order.

Once the initial details are set, we conceptualize your home through another partner to deliver more than just a two dimensional concept.

We develop our buildings in three dimensions, being able to tour your dream home before the foundation is poured and making changes to the construction plan long before it's too late.

Are rooms spacious enough, are there enough doorways and windows, how does the finished roof sit.  These are all valid questions that you may or may not have considered and are better asked before the first nail is driven.

We know the building codes inside and out and we help our customers not just visualize your dream, but adjust it as necessary to fall within legal boundaries and ensure no surprises part way through the development.

No successful company stays successful without being dynamic; and we are very dynamic.

We work with a variety of budgets and can provide options at several levels, without sacrificing final build quality, thus holding the value in your investment for decades to come.

If you, like many individuals, are unsure of what you can afford then it's time to discuss your dreams and discover what the future may hold!

We are never too busy to reply to an email and welcome the opportunity to consult with you regarding your next custom home.