Throughout the summer months of 2014 and on through the waning autumn into the wintery cold we go, but the market for real estate throughout the Okanagan proves to be warm and comfortable for many realtors and builders.

That's because the Okanagan is a hot bed of luxury, tourism and opportunity, for many affluent and properous families from all around the world.

With an eclectic population buying and selling there is a myriad selection of robust options all over the landscape.  Downtown or on the valley's rim overlooking the cityscape, options await the resident to be or the investor in search.

It would be amiss to say that the markets have been rampant, but the truth is they have not been shy of sales and new offerings.  During the course of this past season, predictors and nay sayers were surprised to find the numbers relatively high for what most expected to be a shallow year.  It stands to reason though, that with the glut of inventory available, real estate prices should fluctuate and lower enough to be approachable by wary investors.

The question in this market is no longer, is it the right time to invest in real estate.  The question now is, where do you wish to build?

The right people for the job

With yet another successful year coming to a close, we at Pars are no less stalwart in our passionate need to deliver the end result our clients need in this market.  Real estate at a premium or a bargain still requires a skilled craftsman and a veritable armada of talent behind them.  Pars has the experience in land development and the replete crews to deliver on investments in todays Okanagan real estate market.

Multi million dollar homes are a speciality of Pars design and construction crews, and our portfolio is always bearing new developments that stand us apart from the competition.

The Okanagan landscape has many caveats and obstacles to overcome in the process of constructing a dream home and we have been through the process enough to know the route implicitly.  In a high competition market such that the Okanagan offers, a successful end result hinges on the knowledge behind your contractor.

Designer Homes

When you're ready to begin the process of developing your dream home, Pars gets involved on several levels.  First to consider is the design of your exterior and floor plan.  Cookie cutter designs do not suffice in multi million dollar luxury homes.  We at Pars rely on the talented home designers at inArtifex to product the layouts and drawings as well as 3D conceptual art work that drives our clients imagination wild.  Each of our developments over the course of these last months have been the product of collaborative design with inArtifex and the resultant constructions are incredible to see.  Modern, art deco, contemporary, spanish, or even more eclectic design opportunities await the imaginative client of Pars.

The best of the best

The bottom line is that we know what our clients seek and we are exceptionally experienced in delivering on those needs.  If you're ready to take the plunge on a new home or investment property, get in touch with us and let's talk about what dreams may come.