You want to build a new home.  You can picture your new castle in your mind clear as reality.  How it will look, how it will feel to be inside it, how the air will taste of the wood, or stone in certain rooms.

You have it all figured out.  But where will it sit?
Where will you establish the home of your dreams?

Picking the right piece of real estate upon which to start building your home is a tidy little task unto itself, with so many choices, so many price variations and so many differing ideas on what is valuable.

Our team includes Naze Khajavi, who has provided Okanagan residents with her real estate expertise and home construction consulting for over two decades.  We can help anybody find the perfect plot of territory.

We have built homes on all sorts of terrain and can provide consultation upon the pros and cons of choosing one lot over another.

Once we know what style of home you have in mind and where you would best prefer living, we will find you the perfect lot for your dream home, or build you a home around your perfect lot.