How's the current housing market?

It is stable.  Moreover, it's growing.

Since the real estate crash in 2008, the Okanagan has been recoiling, and slowly recovering until we find ourselves now in 2014 and the real estate market has been getting better with every year.

The Okanagan has always been a hot bed for prime real estate in incredible locatons that are sought and highly valued.

Here in 2014, we have over three hundred homes priced at over a million dollars in and around the Okanagan Valley.  Investors clearly have little to fear of building a luxury home for sale but the question remains, whether these million dollar homes are really worth a million dollars.

That's where Pars Homes comes in.

When you're seeking to develop a home you want to know you can trust the developer of the property to bring out the best options for the budget you can provide.  The people of Pars Homes are experts in managing budget, any budget, to create the dream homes our customers are looking for and the proof is there time and again.

Each home we have built to this day is a sterling example of what Pars expertise can bring to fruition, from a chunk of dirt and a blueprinted dream to incredible reality.

Investor, or prospective home owner, the bottom line is the biggest detail and we have proven to each and everyone of our clients that we can develop within the budget to deliver maximized results in materials, space usage and floor layout.  We pride ourselves in providing our customers with a final product that demonstrates dreams can come true.

On the business side of things, investors and prospective home owners have appreciated a wide array of market phenomena, from stable and in some cases dropping interest rates on loans, steady pricing with no surprise spikes or dips, and a steady influx of new neighborhoods ripe with prime real estate.

Now, despite there being a roiling million dollar market, the truth is that there are just as many homes at half that price, and Pars develops for all manner of customer.  Whether you need a lot or not, our experts can design the home for your budget of $400,000 as well, providing you the dream home you can afford and impressing you along the way with our knowledge of materials options and library of floor layouts.  We can customize any plan with our network of professional contacts, ensuring the home you move into is a home you love.

The market is not only stable, it's growing.  Investors who take advantage of this are sure to enjoy a tidy profit at the end of the journey.  Home owners who take advantage of this are sure to enjoy their home until such time they sell, and upgrade to the next step in life.

If you're seeking to develop your dream home, our service providers work with you to design the home that you can afford, no matter the budget.

Give our people a phone call or email and tell us your dreams.  We want to fulfill them.