To start building your dream home

The first thing you should seek is the lot. Your preference and budget will govern this factor but variety in lot shouldn't be a problem as the Okanagan is rife with fantastic mountain tops with grand panoramas or hidden beach coves tucked away from disturbances.

Finding your suitable lot is not always an easy task if you don't have the experience in the market of the Okanagan Valley. We are partnered with one of the most experienced Realtors the valley has to offer.

As part of the family business, Naze Khajavi provides the expertise required in securing land tracts and agreements so future home owners can get started towards building their lives and dreams.

The next step

Designing or selecting a design to either build to specifications, or customize to suit your needs.

We will work with you every step of the way from planning and permit acquisition to finishing. With our team's decades of experience in interior finishing we will proudly assist you with color schemes, design ideas and any decision making.

We do all of this to ensure that your building experience is one of enjoyment and excitement, and that what you imagine as your ideal home becomes the treasured reality we all want it to be.