Simple Elegance

This Pars Home is an award winner where we had striven for a clean aesthetic allowing a maximized interior space within the smooth textures of this wonderful structure.

The classical approach to our interiors is what provides this home the personality that sets it apart.  We utilize traditional, or historical effects as subtle hints throughout the design to achieve this personality.

A specific colour palette throughout the design maintains the simplicity in the aesthetic complimenting the subtle textures and speaks volumes for the keeper of the home.  Care and attention is paid to furnishings utilized to achieve perfect function (office, wine room, etc).  Each room in the home, from the kitchen to the gym to the wine room are all designed and built by our highly skilled professionals.

The consistency in design and palette, combined with the variety in texture gives the interior of this home a life of its own.

A proud member of the Pars Homes portfolio.